Our Skate Park

The Skate Park at Leisure Square is a long term investment in our community. It will provide kids and adults with a place to participate in skateboarding, BMX in-line skating; swimming, volleyball, racquetball, basketball, and weightlifting. The skate park, located within Leisure Square, a 9 acre health and wellness campus located off 16th street in Vero Beach, is a public/private partnership with the goal of developing an inclusive venue where young people and the young at heart can participate in an activity they love.

The Vero Beach Skate Park will be a safe place where kids of all ages can go to skateboard, bike or inline skate, eliminating the worry of getting a trespassing ticket for skating in an unauthorized area or the dangers of being on the streets. We will be providing a venue for a sport that is a popular alternative for those who don’t participate in team sports or other school-sanctioned extra-curricular activities. We want to build a safe, inviting park where friendships can be made, inspiration can be found, and self-esteem and confidence can flourish.

Skateboarding is the second fastest growing sport in the nation. Statistically, it is safer than football, basketball, soccer, hockey and even baseball. The city and county provide fields and courts for all of those sports but do not currently provide a safe and legal place for skateboarding and similar activities.

Even with its exploding popularity, the demand for skate parks far exceeds the supply. Skate park industry statistics estimate that Indian River County should have 60,000 square feet of skate parks. We currently only have a 7,700 square foot skate park located in Sebastian.

At the Vero Beach Skate Park at Leisure Square, kids will have the opportunity to participate in after school activities, tutoring programs and summer camps. The facility can also provide an alternate physical education curriculum for kids who are home schooled.

Healthy habits can start at any age. The skate park at Leisure Square will provide “Recreation for Every Generation”. Whether a building block for future endeavors, a fresh start, or just a place to skate and have fun, the skate park will be a one-of-a-kind destination for the people of Vero Beach, Indian River County and the surrounding communities.

About Us

The Vero Beach Skate Park Alliance (VBSPA) is a private and public partnership working together to develop and construct an all-inclusive skate park in our community of Vero Beach. What started as an idea by a couple of active teenagers has grown into a local group of parents, skaters, business owners and city representatives, that are actively working together to get a state of the art skate park built in Vero Beach.

Our Vision

To build and maintain a family friendly, regional skate park at Leisure Square that will be part of a fun and safe campus designed to promote healthy lifestyles for the citizens of Vero Beach and the surrounding communities.